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Lewis LT-1 Drive-On Rail Anchor


Lewis LT-1 Drive-On Rail Anchors:
- Meets or exceeds the latest AREMA Standards
- Approved at Class 1 Railroads
- Longer tail provides easier removal with less chance of damage to rail base
- Sizes available to fit various rail sections
- Made in our facility in La Junta Colorado
- Meets the "Buy America" Requirements
- Over 35 million in track

LBN Part Number Width of Base For use on rail sections
ANRBH60 6" 141, 140, 136, 133, 131
ANRBH55 5-1/2" 110, 112, 113, 115, 119

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News, Updated February 2017

Lewis Bolt is now producing additional sizes of the popular LT-1 Drive On Rail Anchor. 
Call or email for specific rail sections that are now available, and additional sizes currently in design.
All Lewis anchors are produced at our factory in La Junta Colorado using only USA steel. 
At Lewis we strive to be your one stop shop for all your rail fastener requirements!

Community Update

This summer, Lewis Bolt and Nut Company proudly sponsored the Early Settlers Day Second Annual Skateboard Competition in La Junta, Colorado. Lewis Bolt sends a thank you to all the talented participants! Lewis Bolt is also proud to be the 2016 winner of the Tug of War competition held in the Arkansas River, all proceeds benefit the Arkansas Valley Resource Center. Click here to read more.